What is alopecia and how is it treated?

Alopecia is a hair disease that affects almost half of the population in Spain. It is suffered by 50% of men and 10% of women. There are different treatments depending on the type of baldness and the needs of each patient.

Androgenic alopecia
It is the so-called ‘common baldness’: 90% of the cases of alopecia are of this type. The most effective treatments are hair transplantation and specific medications, but there are other options.

Alopecia areata
Autoimmune in origin, it causes hair loss in round patches. In severe cases it can lead to total hair loss. It is usually treated with medication.

Other types of alopecia
Less frequent are fibrosing, diffuse or cicatricial alopecia. For all of them, treatment options are available.


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Our doctors, specialists in hair and scalp pathologies, analyze hair problems in a comprehensive manner.

With effective tools, we focus on making an accurate diagnosis and recommending the best options for you to recover the health of your hair.

alopecia treatments without surgery

Alternatives to hair transplantation?
You have options.

There are alternative treatments to hair grafting for patients who do not want to undergo surgery, or are not suitable for a transplant.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy consists of infiltrating the scalp with a medication that slows down hair loss . Through periodic sessions of these microinjections, we manage to stop the evolution of androgenic alopecia.

Pharmacological treatments

There are different medications for alopecia that we can prescribe to our patients depending on their type of alopecia, stage of evolution and other circumstances.

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